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Maternity Reflexology

Having a passion to help couples with fertility it only seemed a perfect fit to study more Reflexology for Maternity clients.

My knowledge had served me well, but with every pregnancy being unique and only having learnt some of the very basic stuff it was very important for me to to be confident about when and not to treat cleints.

So in enrolled in Sally Earlems Maternity course which has now given me this wonderful information and techniques.

I am now qualified and insured to treat in the first trimester* which in the past I have always instructed clients to see me after the first scan, which has been so unfortunate as for most this is probably when they feel the need for Reflexology treatments the most because of the stress, worry basically the emotional rollercoaster of what is the first trimester.

I can treat from the first trimester right up to the labour even when you are in labour!!

So some of the great benefits of Reflexology during Maternity include
* Morning Sickness
* Consitpation
* Heartburn
* Itching
* Pelvic Girdle Pain
* Breech Baby
* Odema (swollen feet and ankles)
* Back Pain
* First Stage Labour

Having completed my course in February 2020 I am looking for case studies. Unfortunatly due to the Covid-19 Pandemic this has not been possible to keep my clinic open or to put my skills into practice!!

I have a special promotion for Maternity Reflexology Clients running until end of September so please like my Facebook Page or my instagram for further info.

*If treating within the first 13 weeks of pregnancy you will need to sign a disclaimer

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