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Fertility and Reflexology

I had used Reflexology to help with the conception of my two children and used throughout the pregnancies.
Having had couple of miscarriages I found that the use of reflexology was brilliant way of keeping my spirits up beat and learnt to except situations.

I decided I wanted to research more into how reflexology could help couples on with the journey of conception.
I took my fertility training with Louise Keet who is classed as the leading practitioner in Britain.
If you are looking for a holistic approach to conception please contact me for details.
During our initial treatment we can discuss lifestyle factors plus treatment and nutrition plans going forward.

During 2018 I had many women come for Fertility reflexology and no 2 were the same. We had fantastic results for those that were commited to appointments and treatment plans. I am looking forward to taking on new fertility clients for 2019 and currently have space.

How can reflexology help?
*Balancing the hormones to assist ovulation
*Regulate periods
*Reduce stress, tension and anxiety - did you know that stress affects our hormone balance that can make conception difficult
*Provides emotional support and encouragement
*Can be received for both men and women

"I started receiving reflexology at the beginning of the year with Jessica. My partner and I had started trying to conceive at this time but I had anxieties due to various reasons and thought it was going to take me a longtime to fall as I had convinced myself I had issues with fertility even though there was no proof of this. Jessica was very understanding and calming which was the reason I wanted to try reflexology; to relax my mind and body. Less than 3 months later, My anxieties were put to rest as I got a positive pregnancy test and am 6 weeks into my pregnancy. I do believe that without Jessica's help, I would have been constantly worrying and I felt this eased with my treatments. Jessica took time out to do some research and advised on how to be as healthy as possible in order to conceive. Also her treatment room is lovely. I feel I have a lot to thank Jessica for xx" A - Harlow May'18

"I had reflexology during pregnancy and was unsure of what to expect, and it was the best thing I ever did! The session itself was so incredibly relaxing and I had the best nights sleep ever! So much so I booked straight back in for another session! Cannot recommend Jessica enough she is so informative, professional and friendly I was so at ease" FN - Harlow

"Jessica's reflexology was fantastic. I was pregnant at the time and suffering with SPD. After the treatment I felt so much more at ease and comfortable. Jessica was very professional and told me all the information I need. A very relaxing, and enjoyable treatment. Thank you"
BP - Hastingwood

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